Warehouse Equipments

The efficiency of our operations relies heavily on the equipment we use, from unloading stock in the seaports and airports, to transport and transfer, and then to storage in the warehouses. Our equipment is consistent with international transportation industry standards.

Material Handling and Lifting Equipment

Our array of equipment for material handling is easily sufficient to meticulously process goods in our facilities. We have pallet jacks, stackers, baskets, pallets, partitions, gates, ladders, scales, and strip curtains. Our forklift, hand forklift, electric stacker, electric pallet truck, semi-electric stacker, hand manual stacker, hand pallet truck, high lift hand pallet truck, electric towing truck, and aerial work platform are on standby for any operational needs.

Dollies and Carts

The movement of cargo and goods inside the warehouse is crucial to storage. That’s why we have a wide array of dollies and carts for more efficient mobility. We have stock carts, shelf carts, hand trucks, lift tables, platform trucks, lumber carts, hoppers, and tilt trucks for our warehousing functions. Our care starts with precise material distribution inside the warehouse, handling of orders from the shelves, and transfer inside and outside the warehouse.

Bins and Containers

The storage of goods is compartmentalized by bins and containers. We have plastic, steel, stacking, nesting, and hanging bins as well as bin carts, bin cabinets and bin shelving. Industrial and commercial products, as well as home and office products, can easily be stored and segregated.

Packing and Shelving

Our warehouse has a complete inventory of the racks required to store our clients’ products and goods. This assortment includes selective racks, structural racks, cantilever racks, drive-in racks, and carton flow racks, among others. Our shelving capacity is facilitated by our use of Easy Up/EZ-Rect Boltless Shelving: 5000 light duty series and 7000 medium duty or heavy duty series in standard sizes and configurations. Our shelving system ensures speed of access, height, mobility (wheels or pull-out shelves) and sturdiness, which all figure into your choice of storage units.

Additional Equipment

Drum Equipment – drum trucks, drum tippers, drum slings, spill control, drum racks, and drum lifters  are used in many manufacturing plants and maintenance facilities.

Dock Equipment – this includes strip doors, trailer jacks, dock bumpers, dock plates, and dock boards. This aspect of the operation is very important. Significant amounts of money are lost through inefficient loading if bottlenecks are not immediately resolved. The utilization of semi-automatic loading dock equipment not only increases efficiency but also guarantees safety as well as cost-effectiveness. Other dock equipment deployed in our daily operations include trailer jacks, dock bumpers, dock fenders, pallet pullers, wheel chocks, rail chocks, dock lights, stop and go lights, cable and hose protection, wall protectors, dock plates, and dock boards.

Safety Equipment

An obvious core value of the company is protecting lives and well-being. Thus, we take all measures to be certain our safety equipment is complete and ready for immediate use.

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